Chocolate Bunnies Come Hopping In


The Primary Chocolate Bunnies will be arriving tomorrow and the office staff will be rushing to get them sorted and ready for parent pickup. Watch for information to come home with your child regarding times and place. Thank you so much for a successful fund raiser. Our primary students are the best!

2011 Jump Rope for Heart


Sixteen intermediate students raised more than $1,168 for the 2011 Jump Rope for Heart. This is an amazing amount for this number of participants. We would like to recognize their efforts and extend a huge thank you to Coach Underwood and these Sensational Sixteen boys and girls.


Kaitlee C, Mathew R, Brinn M, Bryce W ($250), Tifanie B, Courtney M


Savannah W ($125), Madison D, Yarob H


Christina N ($136), Miranda G, Lewis L, Makenzie J ($105), Katie W, Jasmine K, Noah P

Bunny Money


Primary students will need to return all Chocolate Bunny fundraiser forms and the payments on Friday, March 11th.  We will get these sent in and have those chocolate goodies in time for delivery before Easter. Thank you to everyone who has helped in the success of this fundraiser for our campus.