Times Have Changed

This week teachers began to take their students to the computer lab to take their spelling test. No paper or pencils were needed. Our students use an online course management system to login and take spelling tests individually at their on rate. Students are given the opportunity to listen to the word being read online by the teacher in isolation and in context as many times as is needed before entering the word on the short answer online quiz.

My how times have changed! We are educating 21st Century Learners at White Oak Elementary.

Mrs. Lawrence’s 4th grade class takes their spelling test in the computer lab. (Click to enlarge image.)

Computer Favorites

Teachers all over Texas are already thinking about how they will engage 25+ students simultaneously once school begins again in August. I came across this site of Computer Lab Favorites by Scholastic and thought it might be of use to some of us. As stated in the subtitle, this site provides 50 one-stop learning activities that last 15-30 minutes each.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer!

Reading Should Be Fun



Mrs. Dickson recently read an article in US Weekly which featured author, James Patterson, and his views on the process of learning to reading and the development of the love of reading.  The article, similar to an article that appeared in Publishers Weekly, voiced his opinion that the task of challenging children to love to read falls upon us, the adults in their lives.

The staff at White Oak Elementary accept this challenge, and in order to promote this goal, we are adding links to our left sidebar under the headings “Reading” and “Math”.  We want to encourage each of you to explore and practice these important skills.  Watch for new links to be added.

It Takes a Village…and a Principal


If you were wondering what all the excitement was about in the cafeteria this Monday, it was because we had a new “cafeteria worker.”  Mrs. Dickson pitched in and helped to serve the students when the cafeteria found itself short-handed during intermediate lunch time today.  The students absolutely loved the fact that they were receiving their lunch firsthand from the principal. However, this kind of behavior is not unusual for Mrs. Dickson. She lives to serve the students of White Oak Intermediate.