This week’s character trait was Gratitude. The students in Mrs. Lawrence’s room wrote about how we could show gratitude to others in our school. They shared these during morning assembly with all of the other students. Please click on the green arrow to hear what each had to say.
Jaydon D.
Colee W.
Korbyn H.
Riley E.
Jaycee P.
Dayne R.

Also sharing their acrostic poems on gratitude were three students from Mrs. Hall’s room. A special thank you goes to Sean, Zane, and Jacee.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I am so proud of all of these boys and girls…and I am very grateful for teachers and staff who love our kiddos so much!

  2. The students who participated in this assembly really got me thinking about how I need to be more aware of the people who make my life better. I have made a commitment to be more vocal by expressing my gratitude to them whenever I get the opportunity. One of the reasons I love teaching these students is because of all I get to learn from them!